Center Stage: Janome

The first of my ‘Centre Stage Features’ showcasing some of my favourite sewing tools, brands and products out there.

Image courtesy of https://www.janome.co.uk/

A sewing machine is like having another pair of hands for a sewist, and it is important to choose the right one. The most common question I get asked in workshops is ‘what is the best sewing machine to buy?’

There are so many different machines out there all doing similar kinds of things. My biggest pieces of advice are:

  1. Choose a machine that feels right for you when you sew
  2. Choose a machine with features you can grow and learn with

Both of those pieces of advice were, in fact, given to me by a representative of the UK Sewing Machine Brand Janome UK.

Image courtesy of https://www.janome.co.uk/

Janome are proud to be the No. 1 sewing machine manufacturer in the world and export to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Yosaku Ose, a Japanese entrepreneur, stepped away from convention by replacing the oblong shuttle bobbin with a round one. This new design greatly improved his machine’s efficiency and speed and soon became very popular. Users soon affectionately called it ‘Janome’ which means ‘Snake’s Eye’ in Japanese. This name stuck and became Ose’s new trademark brand when he adopted the company Janome Sewing Machine Co. Ltd in 1954.

Image courtesy of https://www.janome.co.uk/

‘Janome UK’ began trading under the name ‘New Home Sewing Machine Co.’ Ltd in 1969, and changed its name to ‘Janome UK Ltd’ in the mid-1990s. Being at the cutting edge of sewing technology, Janome is the brand leader in the UK.

I personally love the Janome range as they are the most user-friendly machines I have ever used, they are robust and can tackle even the trickiest of fabrics, and they are lots of fun to use with their cool design and multitude of gadgets!

learn to sew

I’d be lost without my Janomes!

Feel free to get in touch for 121 workshops with me to learn how to use your own sewing machine!

A huge thank you to Janome UK for very kindly providing samples for Goodie Bags for MAKE! The Lakes sewing retreats!

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